Review: Louder Than Bombs

A haunting, complex portrayal of grief elevated by excellent performances, writes FMR’s Jordan Baker. Next to suffering, grief is one of the trickiest emotions to deal with in storytelling, especially when it involves...

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Review: Midnight Special

A mostly-excellent slow burn of a sci-fi drama, writes FMR’s Jordan Baker.  Fire may rain from the sky in a critical scene of Midnight Special, but make no mistake: this is no showboating...

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2016 Oscar Predictions

FMR’s Jordan Baker does his best to predict tonight’s Oscar ceremony.   It’s that time of year again. If there’s one good thing to come out of this awards season, it’s been the...

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Oscar statuettes are displayed at Times Square Studios 23 January 2006 in New York. The statuettes will be presented to winners of the 78th Academy Awards 05 March 2006 in Hollywood.

Jordan’s 2016 Dream Oscar Ballot

I’ve done the top 20 (and then some), and the Oscar predictions post is yet to come. In the mean time, here’s my “in a perfect world that follows my own rules” Oscar...

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Review: The Witch

A mesmerizing slice of supernatural horror that unfolds with frightening mastery, writes FMR’s Jordan Baker.  Since debuting at last year’s Sundance Film Festival, Robert Eggers’ The Witch (stylized as The VVitch) has been...

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Best of 2015: The Top 20 (and then some)

FMR’s Jordan Baker writes up his 20 favorite movies from 2015, with a few honorable (and not-so-honorable) mentions along the way: As we’re just shy of a month into the new year, it’s...

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Oscars too white?

It’s globalization – lighten up on the Old White Guys!

An opinion by Hollywood veteran Tom Baum on the comments by Spike Lee regarding diversity issues at the Oscars. The current scapegoating of Old White Guys in the Motion Picture Academy for racism...

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The 73rd Golden Globes: Predictions

FMR’s Jordan Baker tries to predict the 2016 Golden Globe awards. One of the recurring complaints about awards season is that, with so many critics groups and industry precursors, it all gets repetitive...

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Review: 45 Years

A quietly devastating examination of a marriage, writes FMR’s Jordan Baker.  An emotional highwire act from start to finish, Andrew Haigh’s 45 Years instantly takes its place as one of 2015’s finest dramas. More...

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Irrational Man

Review: Irrational Man

While cinematography is beyond gorgeous, the script tells the same old recycled scraps of Allen’s previous tales and misses its vocation, writes FMR’s Cate Baum. It’s got to be said a Woody Allen...

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