That’s My Professional Name: On the 20th Anniversary of Gus Van Sant’s “To Die For”

“You aren’t really anybody in America unless you’re on TV…” – Suzanne Stone Last fall, when Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler arrived in theaters, many critics understandably cited Sidney Lumet’s Network as a major influence. While that...

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Review: The Martian

An old-fashioned adventure that mixes thrills with intelligence and unwavering optimism, writes FMR’s Jordan Baker. For a movie about dire circumstances, Ridley Scott‘s The Martian has something you wouldn’t normally expect: a sincere, deeply-entrenched air...

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Review: Infinity (Short)

When British filmmaker Gideon Blackman gives film buffs a new piece of twisted humor, it’s always something to look forward to. Infinity suggests his filmmaking is moving up a notch, with a high-quality...

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Review: Sicario

Denis Villeneuve’s drug war drama uses cold-hearted ambiguity to powerful, and surprisingly nuanced, effect, writes FMR’s Jordan Baker. The prevailing notion is that once foreign-born filmmakers make the leap to English-language filmmaking, they get...

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Review: Goodnight Mommy

Beautifully made but inconsistently written, Goodnight Mommy is an adequate, but never truly satisfying slice of atmospheric horror writes FMR’s Jordan Baker. The recent revival of slow-burning, atmospheric horror thrillers has been one of...

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Review: Queen of Earth

Elisabeth Moss and Katherine Waterston are excellent in Alex Ross Perry’s acerbic and frightening psychological drama, writes FMR’s Jordan Baker.  There is an art to filming conversations between characters, and it’s one that is often...

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Review: Z for Zachariah

A promising post-apocalyptic drama that stumbles through a poorly-integrated love triangle, writes FMR’s Jordan Baker. The last thing anyone needs after surviving the apocalypse is to get stuck in a love triangle. Who...

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Review: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Rogue Nation successfully builds on the momentum of Ghost Protocol to deliver another rousing Mission: Impossible adventure, writes FMR’s Jordan Baker.  It’s extremely rare that film franchises get better with age, yet Tom Cruise‘s 19...

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Review: Phoenix

Inconsistent pacing aside, Phoenix is a beautifully acted and directed psychological drama bolstered by a quietly-stunning ending, writes FMR’s Jordan Baker. Despite seasoned careers, director Christian Petzold and actress Nina Hoss have precious little...

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Review: Southpaw

Southpaw offers neither surprises nor a compelling execution of storytelling formulae, writes FMR’s Jordan Baker.  Coming just one week after Trainwreck, Antoine Fuqua‘s Southpaw serves as a grim reminder of what happens when a...

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