Crystal Fairy and The Magic Cactus With Michael Cera On Drugs

When is a drug movie not a drug movie? When its director says so.

Since Crystal Fairy’s debut at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, its director Sebasti├ín Silva has been adamant that his film does not belong in the drug movie subgenre, despite its focus on a small group of young adults (including Michael Cera and former child star Gaby Hoffmann) who are searching for the mescaline-producing San Pedro cactus in Chile.

“I don’t want people to be disappointed, if [we] sell it as a drug movie,” Silva told me earlier this week when we talked briefly at New York’s Crosby Street Hotel in advance of today’s limited theatrical and VOD release. “They do the San Pedro, which is fun, but it’s not like Fear and Loathing. In this movie there’s really nothing really visually trippy. It’s really an objective way of portraying people taking drugs. You see it from outside. You never even hear them talk about seeing something that’s not even there. They’re never tripping out. They’re just chilling.”

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