Filmmaking Review Offers A Paid Review Service For Films

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From February 8 2013, Filmmaking Review the online film review magazine launches a paid review service for movies at an affordable cost for both independent filmmakers and studios from $49 a review

Filmmaking Review is an online magazine bringing you the best of the self-made, indie and unusual films out on DVD, TV, theater and festival with a constant turnaround of exclusive interviews with some of the best professionals in the business. News from the mainstream will be covered as well. This site is about the craft of filmmaking, not the gossip of Hollywood, interested in being a source for budding professionals and providing resourceful exclusive content.

Filmmaking Review’s sister site, Self Publishing Review is one of the internet’s most-trusted review sites for self-published books, having been recommended by The Guardian in the UK, Writer’s Digest and many sites throughout the growing self-publishing community. It has offered thorough, unbiased paid review services to self–published writers, as well as other promotional options.

With the launch of Filmmaking Review in November, the site has identified a gap in the market for the promotion and reputation management of film, festival, VOD and DVD releases all at a very low price.

“Most filmmakers and independent distributors can’t spend a fortune on publicity, they just need solid reviews online to garner interest in their product. Reviews are of course the best impartial form of advertising and therefore the most trusted by consumers, but getting friends and family to do it just appears obviously one-sided and amateur, whereas an unbiased and professional opinion written in a search engine-friendly way will be much more valuable to people reading about the film online,” says website co-founder Catherine Tosko, who has worked as an expert in SEO and social media for some of London’s best known media agencies, as well as a filmmaker and writer.

Henry Baum, an award-winning author, founder of Self Publishing Review and co-founder of Filmmaking Review says of the paid review model, “The demand for self-published book reviews is high, and we want to offer the same model for the film industry, which is becoming more like the self-publishing industry every day, as the tools of movie-making are becoming more and more accessible.”

A family affair: Henry Baum, a child of Hollywood, has brought his parents into the fold, both with long careers in Hollywood. Producer Carol Baum is contributing tips about movie producing and Tom Baum is contributing tips and war stories about being a working Hollywood screenwriter.

Filmmaking Review enjoys a team other expert writers, including costume designer Tracy Tynan, daughter of Kenneth Tynan, and Hollywood stuntman James AE Fuentez, as well as a number of film industry professionals, all hand picked for their skills, experience and writing talent.

The review service is available for independent filmmakers, in addition to a pack for distributors and studios, offered for a realistic and sensible price. The service offers solid writing talent and added search engine and social media optimization on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as well as Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and Linkedin and targeted groups interested in film reviews.

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