Iran Plans to Sue Hollywood… Again (And Why They Shouldn’t)

Al Jazeera discusses Iran’s plans to sue the producers of “Argo” over what they felt was an anti-Iran theme – and FMR’s Mike Hicks has his own opinion on the US stance on “terror”.

Iran is planning to sue Hollywood over the Oscar-winning film “Argo” because of the movie’s alleged “unrealistic portrayal” of the country, Iranian media have reported.

Several news outlets, including the pro-reform Shargh daily, said on Tuesday that French lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre is in Iran for talks with officials over how and where to file the lawsuit.

The French lawyer, who notoriously acted for the Venezuelan-born terrorist, Carlos the Jackal, told Iranian state media she will try to block the film’s distribution and force an apology from the producers.

“We will be able to block distributors of the movie, force them to apologise and challenge them to confess that the movie is nothing but a sheer lie,” the lawyer told semi-official Mehr news agency.

You can read the full article at the Aljazeera>>

I understand why and Iranian would be upset about how “Argo” depicts their country. But they neglect one thing. The opening of “Argo” is just as anti-American. They explain what angered the people of Iran as a great injustice done by the U.S. government. They put a man into power who became a tyrant and a dictator. And when his reign fell, the U.S. refused to give him over to the citizens of Iran for trial.

Any clear thinking American would agree that that was our bad. Really, it was.

There is also a sign in the background of the scenes where a woman is translating the message of the Iranian revolution into English. I tried finding a picture of the sign, but could not. So if my memory serves me correctly, it read, “We differentiate between the evil U.S. Government and the Innocent U.S. Citizens”. To me, that reads as “We know you guys don’t have anything to do with this, but your government is messed up.”

Again, we already know this! This, to me, shows that the filmmakers understood that Iranians didn’t hate Americans, they just hated the Government and the fact that they would not extradite the Shah.

In several scenes, the filmmakers show new reels, actual news reels (I believe) from the time. They depict the reactions of many Americans saying we should shoot some of the hostage takers, or beating up innocent Iranian-American citizens and also saying we should declare war on them.

As an American, that scene embarrasses me. It shows the ignorance of the masses in America. It shows the macho, take-no-sh*t, shoot-first-ask-questions-later attitude many Americans did and still have today. And I truly believe that that is what the filmmakers were trying to show. The citizens who were uneducated in the matter, jumping to conclusions and thinking that we could attack Iran without starting World War III.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, yeah, it did show Iranians taking hostages for 444 days. And yes, it did show the CIA going in with a ridiculous plan and taking six American citizens, who were stuck in the Canadian Ambassadors house, back to America. And yes, it did show Iranians who were angry with the United States, but isn’t that what happened? Iran DID have several American hostages held for 444 days. The CIA did save six Americans who were stuck at the Canadian Ambassadors’ house. And Iranians were angry with the United States (and rightfully so).

I, personally, love “Argo”,  and thought it was deserving of the title for Best Picture. I don’t think any less of Iran for watching it. If anything, I respect Iran more for dealing with the crap that the US made them endure by placing the Shah in power. Can’t we all just get along and stop burning each others’ flags?

The only country that should be upset with “Argo” is Canada. It made it look like Canada did nothing at all and took all the credit. Typical treatment of Canada then.

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