James AE Fuentez – Playing “The Bad Guy” With Danny Trejo


I was on a shoot with Danny Trejo – if you do not know the name by now, you will know his face. Danny has worked on over 200 films, all the way back to Death Wish days with the late great Charles Bronson, and so many others I will not go into here, look him up, you will see there is a ton.

To start this tale about Danny you need to know we were shooting every day from 5pm in the afternoon, to 5 or 6am everyday. I could only sleep in to about 1130am and I was up. One day I woke up and went to the pool to see who was up; Danny was there with a few of the cast and crew.

We were all talking and Danny and I went off walking in Palm Springs for some breakfast. We soon found out it is not easy to find breakfast in Palm Springs at 1230pm. We found a place that would cook us up some eggs. So after pictures were taken with the owner’s son, we sat down to dine.

Danny told me about his wife’s animal fund work at K9 Compassion, (that is great, by the way) and his next film Machete, that he would be working on after we were done with this film, Shoot The Hero. This is where the story gets interesting. We pay for breakfast and start walking back to the set, Danny says he needs to find his wife a gift.

Danny Trejo Charity Work

Art Guevara, Danny Trejo, and Steve Moreno with his art, auctioned off for K9 Compassion

So we find a nice store and enter, now here we are in Palm Springs in an high end store for those of you whom do not know what Danny and I look like, check out these shots of us from my Facebook Page. Also we were working on very little sleep, so we looked rougher than normal. The people in the store looked at us like we were going to rob them or take something without paying for it.

Danny Trejo and James AE Fuentez

Danny Trejo and James AE Fuentez on the set

I thought, why do they not know Danny’s face, it’s like, do they live in a cave or what? Anyway I do not think Danny was aware of this going on, as he was just, well, shopping.

He voted down all the very nice stuff they had there and would wait to go back to L.A. to find a nice gift for his wife. I thought it was funny that they thought we were the bad guys, I know now why we play bad guys in movies we work on, most of the time anyway.

Another well-known friend I have known for years, that I will not name here as he will see this (!), has been mad a few times at the fact that some, very few mind you, but some people do not know who he is; I tease him about this from time to time, we laugh about it, but it does get to him some times when we are trying to get into some event. So it just goes to show. Even after 200 plus movies, some people still do not know your face or your name if you play the bad guy.

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