You Are So Undead


A Short Film To Die For

You Are So Undead
Dir: Alex Epstein (2010)

In spirit of all the recent fairy tale and vampire films that have been released lately, it’s great to take a look back at some short films that didn’t make the jump to the big screen. Back in 2010 a little known writer, Lisa Hunter, came up with a satire of recent flicks such as Twilight. Titled, You Are So Undead. This film presents a twist on the common teen subject of sex. “Going all the way” has taken on a new meaning when teenager Mary Margarret, played by Meaghan Rath, can no longer see herself in the mirror. She allowed her boyfriend, a vampire, to suck her blood, thus taking the ultimate plunge to the life of the undead. Meanwhile her friend Jo, Erin Agostino, is mesmerized with the idea of becoming a vampire.

Meaghan Rath and Erin Agostino in their portrayal of the curious teenagers.

This is a refreshing take on the vampire movies we have become accustomed to seeing in theatres and television. “You Are So Undead” is a low budget film that still delivered a convincing story that made you feel a part of the grungy underground world of vampires. Any film, short or feature, that can be shot entirely in one room and still keep your attention, deserves strong recognition.

The overall grittiness of the short made you feel like you were in the world of the vampires. Shot in a bathroom with graffiti covering it added to the effect of an underground club. The secret lives of the vampires were brought to life without the need of grotesque or over-the-top vampire-esque performances.

Adding to the film, was it’s comedy. The portion of the film that carried it to its comedic twist at the end. Actress Erin Agostino played the naïve young teenager superbly. Her blindness to vampires and the mystery and danger that surrounds them was truly comedic.

During it’s run at film festivals, “You Are So Undead” went on to win the prestigious Canadian WGC Screenwriting Award. It is definitely worth a watch and it can be seen in it’s entirety on YouTube.

You can read the FMR interview with the director, Alex Epstein here

4.5 / 5 stars     

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